Family Analytics

FII is, at its core, a learning organization, We collect over 400 data points per family partner per month to better understand what works for hard-working families living in poverty and to invest in those solutions.  We glean insights, track progress, and analyze and categorize the dreams, goals, and chosen paths of our family partners. We value technology and analyze our amassed collection of data, qualitative as well as quantitative, to reflect on our progress, to imagine new possibilities, and to continuously improve our approach.

Shown below you will find indicators of our families’ well-being, select demographics and a glimpse of what is important to our FII family partners.


During their two year partnership with FII, families experience an average increase in their monthly savings account balance from $204 at enrollment to $793 at month 12 to $1,003 at month 24, an overall increase of 1000%. Total liquid assets over the same 24 month period increase 75% from $625 to $1,701 to $2,492.


Families experience an Increase in liabilities from $15,311 to $34,123 over their two year FII partnership, primarily due to increases in home, auto, and student loans, all positive signs of progress and a promise of future assets for families intergenerationally.


Increase in Income

Over their two year enrollment period, FII families’ total monthly income increases 17% on average, from $1800 at enrollment to $2,010 at month 12 to $2,175 at month 24.


Decrease in Subsidies

On average, during two years of engagement with FII, families report a 48% decrease in subsidies such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), dropping from $118 per month at baseline to $61 at end of formal enrollment.



FII’s 9535 family members as of 12.31.18 were predominantly adults, split fairly evenly between men and women, and represented a number of ethnicities with the vast majority falling into either Black or Latinx categories.


A demonstration of FII Families’ initiative, 19% of FII families are entrepreneurs vs. 14% of all Americans.



Each month, families report on their children’s performance in and attendance at school on a scale from 1-4, with 1 being “Poor” and 4 being “Excellent”. In their most recent journals, 89% and 94% of families reported that their children’s school performance and attendance, respectively, was “Good” or “Excellent.”


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