Join us in Trusting and Investing in Families

FII sees people for their strengths. All families, regardless of their income status, should be the beneficiaries of investment for the hard work that they are doing. Our partnership with families shows what’s possible when funds go directly into their hands, to pursue their own initiatives for themselves and their communities.

Our challenge to the sector is to extend this same trust and investment to lower income families.

Trust and Invest in Families

FII’s strengths-based approach is shockingly unconventional in the landscape of government programs and philanthropic investment. In this video from Summer 2018, FII staff and family partners reflect on what happens when families are given the choice to deploy their resources within their existing networks as they see fit.

Over the last 18 years, FII’s approach has consistently proven to be successful. We have gathered the evidence to support our claims that recognizing and fueling the initiative of people and their communities through direct investments fosters economic mobility. Our strategic direction takes this approach to the next level by calling on government and philanthropy to remove system barriers for families and shift to a strengths-based approach.

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