“FII allows us to fulfill our own goals the way that we see fit.”

Jessica Withers, fondly known as Muffin, began FII at the suggestion of a friend who told her about gaining access to UpTogether funds by reporting the ways you are making yourself and your community better. She used the funds to follow her passion to spread health in her community through her fitness business Motivated by Muffin.  “I got $1200, and with it I bought weights, mats, anything and everything to help me start.” Her client Sophia reports, “When I started, I could barely do one pushup, one sit-up. I could run for twenty seconds before I would have to stop. Now I can work out for at least two hours.”

Motivated by Muffin is going strong. Jessica reflects, “FII is teaching me, it’s not what you’ve got but the people around you to support you and help you fulfill those goals and achieve sustainability.”

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