Family Stories

There are countless stories of FII family partners across the network pursuing their dreams and reaching their goals in spite of challenging circumstances and unexpected roadblocks.

We’ve included a recent sampling below but you can find additional inspiration here.

Marisol Tejera: Friends for Life

Marisol describes the FII environment as a place where positive peer accountability happens. “My biggest takeaway was that sisterhood. These are definitely friends for life.” Donations to the UpTogether Fund get in the hands of FII families now, and strengthens long-term community fabric.

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Maresa Lara: Trust and Healing

Maresa is running her cleaning business, raising her kids, and healing from a rocky road. “Being part of FII taught me to trust people again.” FII puts cash in the hands of hard working families. They are helping one another accomplish their goals.

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William Goodwin: Fatherhood

William Goodwin uses his time to invest in his daughter. “As a father you have to take that time to let them know they’re beautiful in whatever way you can.” UpTogether funds have contributed to her education and enrichment.

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Arlyssa Heard: What’s Eating Me

“Sometimes it’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.” Wisdom from Arlyssa in #RealDetroit. Families often report they like that the FII environment is reflective. This helps them determine priorities, and take action.

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