“When you’re a father, especially a single father, your time is no longer yours. That time revolves around your child.”

William Goodwin describes how his life changed when his daughter Evelyn came to live with him full-time. “When Evelyn was born,” he said, “I was already diagnosed with cervical stenosis. I was disabled. Her mom wanted to go back to work, so I took care of Evelyn those six months that her mom needed to get re-acclimated to her job. Then, I recognized that I could offer more to Evelyn. Not financially, not that I’m a better parent or anything like that. I had time, I had time to invest in her.”

In her first year, Evelyn was awarded the President’s excellence award, signed by President Obama. “It was my vindication that I had made the right decision,” he said, “because it was starting, her new life was starting off on the right note.”

Like many men in the FII community, William is proud to be a father. He describes learning how to comb her hair, and affirming for her that she is beautiful in her nature. “I think as a father, you have to do that with your daughters. You have to take their time to let them know that they’re beautiful in whatever way you can.”

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